2023 Contribution Rates

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The Rate Committee for the 501 Alliance Board of Directors includes multiple nonprofit members of the 501 Alliance.  The Committee voted to maintain the same rate structure for 2023 as 2022.  Some highlights:
  • Members with positive account balances have a minimum rate of .18% and maximum rate of 1.70%
  • Average rate for entire membership is only .70%
  • Taxable wage base will remain at $9,500

Does this mean your 2023 rate will be the same as 2022?

Not necessarily, it could still go up or down.  The rate formula includes your account balance with the 501 Alliance, which in all likelihood is not exactly the same.  However, if your UIA charges were close to what you contributed in 2022, and your 3-year average taxable payroll is similar, your rate should not change much.

How do you view your rate?

Rate Notices can be viewed by logging into your organization’s account.  If you have an accounting or payroll firm complete your Contribution Report each quarter, please ensure they receive your 2023 rate in January to ensure it is updated from 2022.

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