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The 501 Alliance has a new website in the new year!  As you might imagine, it is not possible to translate everything from an old website to a new one.  Like moving from an old house to a new one, some things don’t fit exactly or new furnishings are needed, along with some settling in!

Changing the locks

Most logins should still work, however, some members may have to create a new login initially.  To do so, simply register and use this PIN: 501c3.  Then follow the prompts in the email confirmation.  If your profile isn’t already connected to a member organization, login and visit the my organizations page.  There you can request to be approved by the admin of the member organization.

While you can have multiple individuals with access to an employer account, there should be one admin profile for each employers account.  This is a new feature so if your initial admin is not accurate, that person can enable the appropriate individual prior to disabling their own admin status.  You can also contact 501 Alliance for help.

The moving company started packing in November!

If you submitted anything to the old/current website in late November or December, it might not have made it to the new website.  If there is something missing, please let the 501 Alliance know.

Settling in

While we have tested, tested, and tested again, we know even new houses have issues initially.  We thank you in advance for your patience as we get your account settled in.  Should you experience any challenges, we welcome your feedback so we can ensure a quick resolution.

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