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Need to stay on top of changes to unemployment and related industry issues that could impact your organization? Looking for tips?  501 Alliance has you covered.


Background Checks Impact on Unemployment

Often employers will allow an employee to begin working prior to all of the background information being completed. This type of conditional employment is meant to only last a few days until background screening and drug testing results are completed. In this way, the employer can start training the employee and there is no delay. [...]


Suspected or Known Lawsuits

Even if you feel you have a good case to pursue to an unemployment hearing, there are sometimes other considerations that may impact whether or not you wish to do so. There is always a concern whether or not the unemployment hearing will open the employer up to increased risk or damage in other litigation. [...]


Unemployment Options for Nonprofits

Unlike for-profit employers, 501(c)3 employers have multiple options available to them to manage their unemployment. Learn more in this short video!



Employers are often concerned with turning over medical information in relation to a former employee for purposes of an unemployment claim or hearing because they believe doing so will be a violation of HIPAA. This comes up in a case where the claimant’s separation was caused by an illness or injury, the claimant is on [...]


Member Meet-up Traverse City

501 Alliance will be hosting a complimentary meet-up during the Incompass Leadership Conference in Traverse City. Any 501 Alliance member can attend, even if not attending the Incompass Conference. Meet with fellow finance, HR and nonprofit leaders in Michigan! Wednesday, June 7 , 6:30 – 8:30 pm Silver Spruce Brewing 439 E. Eighth Street. Traverse [...]


2023 Annual Meeting & Luncheon a Success!

501 Alliance hosted its 2023 Annual Meeting/Luncheon and May Board Meeting in Lansing on May 11. It was an energizing and enlightening day filled with networking, leadership and learning. Attendees heard from Tammy Hannah, with member organization Origami Rehabilitation, as well as Dr. Lee Meadows, who spoke on talent acquisition. This Annual Meeting marked 51 [...]

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