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We encourage you to apply for membership to start enjoying the benefits – take advantage of the simple solution to reduce employment costs and manage risk.

Why join? Outsource your claims processing and focus on your mission. Reduce overall expenses and time spent on unemployment. Mitigate risk from unexpected claims. Stay local – 501 Alliance and all members are located in Michigan.

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Membership and all services are free. Unlike the UIA, which takes 1% from your tax payment, or other third-party administrators that charge a fee, we’ve never charged our members an administrative fee since 1972. Apply now.

What is the Process?

The process for membership starts with either applying online or contacting us to learn more. We look forward to receiving your application.

How are Applicants Approved?

The Membership Committee, consisting of nonprofit members and board members, reviews all applications submitted and provides a recommendation to the Board of Directors to either approve or deny the request for membership in 501 Alliance.

Application Deadline: Oct. 1 for membership effective Jan. 1 the following year

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To qualify for membership, your agency must be a 501(c)(3) organization located in Michigan, employ 1+ paid employees for 1+ year, and obtain at least 50% of your funding from established sources.

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Ready to reduce employment costs and manage risk? Ready to outsource your claims processing and focus on your mission?

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If you have any questions about completing this application or about 501 Alliance, please contact the Executive Director at 800-968-9675, email [email protected], or mail your application to: 501 Alliance, 20300 Superior Road, Suite 190, Taylor, MI 48180