Benefits of a Hearing Representative

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What is a Hearing Representative?

501 Alliance members are eligible to work with a Hearing Representative (at no cost) whose area of expertise is unemployment hearings. They specialize in helping prepare you for a hearing, assisting you during the hearing alongside your witnesses, and consulting with you after the hearing has taken place. The Hearing Representative works closely with your organization and your witnesses toward a goal of presenting the employer’s position of the separation clearly and factually. 501 Alliance partners with Equifax Hearing Representatives, who have an average tenure of 18 years and can often help 501 Alliance members with their hearing win rates.

Advantages of Hearing Representation

There are many advantages to using a Hearing Representative. First and foremost, Hearing Representatives are skilled in hearing preparation. They look at each case they are assigned and work with employer witnesses to help you determine your best strategy and key details to prepare and present your case during the hearing. 501 Alliance members will receive in depth consultation for each hearing in which a Hearing Representative is assigned. They are industry-specific experts that understand how unemployment matters relate to you. Through ongoing training, our Hearing Representatives are kept up to date on states’ unemployment rules and regulations. Some aspects of the hearing that a representative will help you with include:

  • Accessing and sorting evidence
  • Sorting out facts that are confusing or irrelevant
  • Assisting you in presenting evidence and testimony in a more clear and concise manner
  • Witness preparation
  • Documentation and evidence gathering and submission

How Can You Take Advantage of a Hearing Representative?

If you do not hear from an Equifax Hearing Representative prior to your hearing, please contact 501 Alliance.  

Note: The information provided is intended as general guidance and is not intended to convey any tax, benefits or legal advice.

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